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Additional Housing Projects

Throughout her career, Janet Smith-Heimer has completed numerous affordable and market-rate housing policy studies, programs, and development projects.  Highlights of Janet's career include the following:

  • Westside LA Workforce Housing Study

  • City of Alameda Rent Control Analysis

  • Charlotte NC Housing Authority Strawn Site Redevelopment

  • Just Cause Eviction Ordinance Strategies (for C40)

  • San Francisco BMR Unit Market Studies

  • West Hollywood Rent Stabilization Capital Cost Pass-Thru Study (2016)

  • West Hollywood Affordable Housing Strategies (2017)

  • San Francisco Consolidated Plan 2010

  • San Francisco Unified School District Teacher Affordable Housing Feasibility

  • Employee Housing Market Analysis (National Park Service, various locations)

  • Napa County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

  • Concord CA Housing Element 2016-2021

  • San Francisco Rent Stabilization Board DataBook

  • San Francisco Measure A Program Summary

  • Baltimore MD Regional Housing Plan

  • Salinas, CA Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Feasibility Study

  • City of San Jose Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Feasibility Study

  • Sunnyvale CA Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Feasibility Study

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